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Mt White Station solar


Those who work the land understand it the most. They hear the rumbles of mother nature when she’s in a bad mood, feel the warmth of her embrace and bathe in the subtle symphony of nature’s song.


Our people are immersed in this environment and motivated, not by popular demand or consumer trends, but a genuine desire to tread lightly and give back whenever possible.


In a country blessed with many and varied landscapes, the High Country is particularly wild and gives us challenges from tough winters to scorching summers, alpine terrain to wide open rivers. Maintaining this land is a mission without end.


A mission we embrace.

Predator control at Mt White Station


Our ongoing commitment to our predator control program focuses on feral species eradication. The species compete for vegetation, kill native birds and severely impact the breeding potential of those that are left.
We have removed thousands of possums and feral cats and the rabbit population has also been dramatically reduced. Our native beech forest areas are now prolific with bird song.
Deer, pigs, and Canadian geese are also part of our management program. We work alongside the DOC for the management of pest control, and Fish and Game New Zealand for Salmon spawning management.


Our entire water supply is delivered straight from the pristine creeks within Mt White Station. Our operation relies on efficient use of this resource. Our buildings are engineered to minimise water consumption and we recycle all our grey water to irrigate gardens, paddocks and then returned to the earth.

Rocky Stream
Solar at Esk Hut_mountwhitestation


In recent years we have embraced the power of the sun, investing in over 120 solar panels at our central station. This currently powers a third of the Station’s power needs. Our backcountry huts are fitted with solar panels, giving guests LED lighting and USB charging in the remote backcountry. 
Buildings are equipped with energy-efficient bulbs, compact fluorescent and LED globes. Our facilities are fitted with wet-back wood burners, feeding out hot water tanks, radiators and heated towel rails. Our wood comes from the station and we have an ongoing replanting programme, closing the carbon cycle.


Green building principles guided the design of new buildings at Mt white, including using locally-sourced, natural and recycled materials (incorporating recycled building materials already on the site, from the old cookshop building), maximising renewable energy and heat recovery and minimising energy usage. Efficient room orientation and traditionally wide verandas increase airflow and reduce heating and cooling requirements.

Vegetable Garden


We grow our own vegetables onsite for our farm cookhouse which feeds all onsite staff and visitors. Self-sufficiency helps minimise regular long trips to suppliers. to maximise our self-sufficiency. We have an extensive fruit orchard, apples, apricots, peach and pear, along with walnut and hazelnuts trees.
We maximise our food utilisation by way of storing excess crops in our root cellar which enables these to be enjoyed outside of the growing season.


Each aspect of the station, from energy usage, sustainable bulk purchases, locally manufacture beds and mattresses, our choice of linen, and our use of eco-certified cleaning materials and Laundry detergents, has been carefully planned to minimise our impact on the land. Guest amenities in bathrooms are housed in recyclable, refillable containers, station supplies are purchased sustainably and locally.

Camp Fire
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