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In an unexplored, remote part of the central South Island sits Mount White Station, a high country station with a rich history. Established in 1857, the station has seen Aotearoa change around it as it maintained its unique isolation and remained relatively untouched.

In its most recent iteration, under the care of Lukas Travnicek, it has become a place to connect, with the land, each other and ourselves.


With sustainability, community and care at our core, it is a rare location where one can truly just be.  Stewardship of this special place sits with Lukas and a community of people who appreciate how rare and important it is to work with truly untouched land. We deeply understand the importance of our role in caring for this unique place and educating others through showcasing its character in a sustainable and meaningful way.


Alongside caring for the place, we also care for people. Providing a unique opportunity to be part of the station community, we provide a place for people to connect with each other, disconnecting from the noise of everyday life. The vastness and remote location of the place, creates space within ourselves to breath, to listen and to understand.


Mount White Station is the place to care and be cared for. It is the place to listen and be heard, the place to connect and disconnect. Mount White Station is the place to understand yourself and the world around you.

We are Mount White Station, the place to be.


EST 1857

The long and rich history of this special place is captured in Gerald Sandrey’s The Legend of Mt White Station – full of memorable stories and many colour illustrations.

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