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Frequently Asked Questions for Guests Staying at Mt White Station Shearers Quarters and Backcountry Huts:

Can I hunt on the property?

No hunting is allowed on the Mount White Station property, and smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Guests are also asked not to light fires other than the fireplaces provided as this is a high fire risk area.

Is there mobile coverage?

There is no mobile coverage at Mt White Station, but the backcountry huts have VHR radio for emergency communication. Complimentary fibre WiFi is available at the main station, and guests can check if their mobile phone can make a call over WiFi in their phone settings.

What is the minimum length of stay?

To fully experience Mt White Station, our accommodation offerings have a minimum two-night stay.

Is there a minimum or maximum group size?

Our Shearers Quarters can be booked exclusively or individual rooms. Backcountry huts are booked exclusively. There is a minimum fee for all our accommodations and an additional per-person fee for guests above the base number.

What are the check-in and checkout times?

Guests can check in from 2 pm onwards at the Cookshop.

Checkout is at 11 am, unless a prior arrangement has been made.

Are dogs allowed on the property?

Visiting pets are not allowed on the property due to the working farm operations and safety concerns.

Can I drive my vehicle on the backcountry roads?

Private vehicles are not permitted on our backcountry roads unless you are booked in one of our guest huts and have a suitable vehicle, but all guests can access the area via mountain bike. Backcountry vehicle access for lodge guests will be charged as an extra fee, please enquire when booking.

Safety conditions?

As a working high country station, there are specific water and natural hazards on the property. Guests should take care when walking, biking or driving around the station, avoid touching machinery or entering gated paddocks without prior permission, and do not enter any buildings other than the Shearers Quarters or Cookshop.

What do I need to bring?

The items guests need to bring depend on the accommodation they choose. For the backcountry huts, bring food, drink, warm clothing, suitable footwear, toiletries,  insect repellent, and sunscreen. For the Shearers Quarters, bring slippers, snack food, drinks, warm clothing in winter, toiletries, insect repellent, and sunscreen. Full linen, bedding, and towels are provided.

Do we need to bring any food or drinks?

Depending on your booking, The Shearers Quarters accommodation may be fully catered, but guests can bring nibbles and their choice of beverage if not self catered.  Our Backcountry huts are self-cratered only. Mt White Station does not hold a liquor license, so guests should bring their own alcohol.

Can dietary requirements be catered for?

If your stay includes catered meals, we can accommodate dietary restrictions for an extra fee per person per meal. Please inform us of any special dietary needs or restrictions at least one week prior to your arrival, and we will make the necessary preparations.

Is a BBQ available for guest use?

Yes, there is a BBQ available at all our accommodations, including the backcountry huts.

Do you have games available at the Station?

Yes, we have a selection of board games and books available for guests to use during their stay.

Can we leave our vehicles somewhere safe?

Off-road parking is available at the Cookshop.

Where is the last place to purchase fuel and supplies?

The last fuel stop before Mt White Station when driving from the East Coast is Challenge Service Centre and 24/7 Fuel in Springfield. From the West Coast, the last stop is Arthur's Pass Cafe and Store (limited hours).

Where is the last public toilet before entering Mt White Station?

The last public toilets before entering Mt White Station from the East Coast are located at Castle Hill Village, and from the West Coast Arthur's Pass Village.

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